The importance of quality photos when marketing your property

The importance of quality photos when marketing your property

As a seller, marketing your property in the right way is absolutely crucial to your chances of selling. One of the most important aspects of this is photographs. More to the point, high-quality, well-taken photographs that show off your home’s main attributes.


Would-be buyers are likely to be put off by grainy, poorly-lit photographs that don’t sufficiently highlight the appeal of your property. This might sound obvious, but it’s something that sellers might gloss over too easily, believing that exposure on the portals and the viewings are much more important.


While those steps are equally crucial, you’re unlikely to stand out from the crowd on the portals if your visual marketing material isn’t up to scratch. Viewings will also be harder to come by if buyers aren’t lured in by what they’re seeing.


The number one mistake sellers make is overpricing their home, but bad photographs are also another common pitfall, especially now we live in such a digital, technological world. Online marketing has become more important than ever, because so many people now head for the web when it comes to searching for homes.


As our very own Sarah Beeny points out, bad photographs don’t just mean terrible blurry photographs that somehow manage to slip through the net, “but also a failure to pay a room out nicely so that a picture really sells it.”


That’s what your photos need to do, sell your home by making it looks its best. The old saying a picture paints a thousand words is hugely relevant when it comes to selling property. People respond best to visual images – if you can provide them with good ones, it’s not too much of a leap of faith to suggest that your chances of securing viewings will go up. This, in turn, will increase your chances of achieving a quick sale.


“Objects are sometimes needed to offset the room, for instance a bunch of flowers in the shot,” Sarah added. “It can also come down to de-cluttering and rearranging a room to make it appear as attractive as possible, even if that's not how you use it.”


We have mentioned before the importance of de-cluttering. A would–be buyer will want to visualise the home they are viewing as their own, which is much less likely if it is too personalised or quirky.


You need to get the balance right – after all, you don’t want your property to appear soulless – but less is more will generally work best, particularly when it comes to photographs. Show off your house at its tidiest, smartest and most attractive, not when it’s full of clutter and knick knacks.


“With more people checking out homes online – and in the age where Instagram and other photo sites have delivered more critical budding photographers – bad pictures can put-off those who may have been interested otherwise,” Sarah concluded, further highlighting the importance of getting this part of your marketing strategy right.


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