Revealed: the turn-ons and turn-offs for property buyers

Revealed: the turn-ons and turn-offs for property buyers

As a seller, you need to be in tune with what your buyer really wants. The more buyer-friendly you make your property, the better your chances of getting it sold.


But how do you know what buyers are looking for? Well, at Tepilo, we have conducted a survey to find out the biggest buyer turn-ons and turn-offs. This will help sellers to improve the appeal of their property and increase the likelihood of a quick sale being completed.


Top of the list of turn-ons was cleanliness and well-kempt gardens, while bad odours and mould were most likely to put buyers off.


The third biggest turn-on for buyers was fresh internal paintwork and décor (43%), closely followed by well-cared for houses next door and on the street as a whole (39%). This makes sense – buyers will want to move to somewhere that is safe, clean, friendly and attractive, rather than somewhere that is a little bit rundown or dilapidated.


Nice smells and odours – bread baking, coffee brewing, mild scents, etc – appealed to 36% of buyers, while a friendly owner also goes down well (35%). As we’ve mentioned before, buyers do like to put their own stamp on their new home, so a recently renovated blank canvas is also attractive to some. Freshly cut flowers in every room – a simple step that won’t cost much time or money – is a turn on for 16% of buyers.


The biggest turn-offs, however, were dominated by mould in the bathroom and on windows (50%), off-putting smells (49%) and too much clutter (43%). Pets, greasy food and cigarette smoke were cited as some of the scents most likely to deter buyers. Not surprisingly, uncleanliness was seen as another major turn-off, while scruffy properties next door (35%), an unkempt garden (32%) and a grumpy, unfriendly owner (26%) were also popular ways of making buyers grimace. Properties with too many pets also didn’t go down well with 16% of those surveyed.


“The Tepilo Buyer Barometer survey aims to gauge British house buyers’ behaviour and this particular piece of research has been done to demonstrate the small things that can make a property appeal to buyers, and those things that can really turn them off,” said our very own Sarah Beeny.


“Cleanliness, a lack of clutter and a neat, well looked after garden are all simple things to achieve, as is fresh paintwork,” she added. “If you want to make your property appeal to potential buyers, go all out to make it as attractive as possible by removing unnecessary clutter, giving it a good, deep clean and tidying up the garden. Don’t cook strong-smelling food ahead of viewings and invest in some great air fresheners or room scents.”


Sarah also talked about the importance of being friendly and polite when showing prospective buyers around your property. “The temperament of a seller can have such a big impact on prospective buyers,” she said.You should also be able to answer any questions the buyer has, so make sure you know your stuff before showing people around.”


We have blogged in the past about how to conduct a successful viewing and how this can make a huge difference between an offer being placed and a thanks but no thanks rebuff.


So, if you want to impress buyers, make sure your house is clean, your garden is in tip-top condition and your décor is sparkling rather than shabby. There are no guarantees when it comes to selling property, but these turn-ons are bound to increase your odds of pushing through a sale.


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