How to make a rural property dog-friendly

How to make a rural property dog-friendly

How to make your home dog-friendly

As people get older, moving to the country starts to become much more appealing – the slower pace of life, the picturesque surroundings, the greater sense of community.


This, coupled with low crime rates, good local schools and plentiful access to green space, makes it easy to see why people with young families and those fed up with the hustle and bustle of city life might want to move outwards.


Rural living and dog-owning often go hand-in-hand, too. Sometimes the principal motivation for moving to the country is a desire for a dog, for all those long country walks, for companionship and for those long winter evenings in front of the fire.


The picture is easy to visualise, which goes to show how ingrained in our minds the association between dogs and countryside is.


Many buyers moving out to the sticks will be searching for a dog-friendly home. So, if you are a seller in a rural area, it’s definitely something to bear in mind. If you have dogs yourself, it will be easier to showcase how easily our canine friends could settle into their new environment.


Even if you don’t have pets with four legs and a wagging tail, talk about the nearby walking opportunities and the more dog-loving attitude that is prevalent in the countryside.   


Outside space is key. Not just places to take them for walks, but space where you can leave them unattended safe in the knowledge that they won’t escape or cause damage. Country properties tend to have large gardens. If your property does, point this out to would-be buyers. Highlight how it can be used as an area for dogs to burn off all that excess energy that they have (especially the young pups!)


Some aspects of a garden will be more dog-friendly than others. Pristine lawns and picture-perfect flower beds might not stay that way for long with canines around; same with ponds and water features.


Dog-proofing your whole garden is nigh on impossible, but if you can provide an area where they can potter around at their leisure then you’re chances of selling to dog-loving buyers will naturally go up.


A dedicated dog room might also be something to bear in mind. If you have a small closet or spare room that you barely use, you could say to buyers that this would be the perfect place for smelly or wet dogs to stay until they are dry and odour-free.


If you have a slightly larger spare room downstairs, this could be used as somewhere for the dog to sleep and eat as well as being washed and dried. It can also be somewhere for the dog to roam around when you have guests over for a dinner party or occasions when a person who isn’t comfortable with dogs comes to visit.


As a seller, you don’t have to create a dedicated dog room if you don’t already have one, but it would be a prudent measure to point out how certain rooms could be used for this purpose.


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