How sellers should market a high-end home

How sellers should market a high-end home

Are you lucky enough to own a property in the high-end spectrum of the housing market? If you do, and you’re looking to sell your home, it’s vital you’re marketing your property to the right audience.

A high-end buyer will have equally high standards, and will be looking for a property that is not only of high quality, but has stand-out features likely to convince a buyer to part with a handsome sum of money. After all, a high-end property will have a greater price tag, so it’s vital you maximise its potential.

In the last year there has been a huge demand from well-off buyers for high-end home facilities to match the price tag, according to a survey of prime estate agents carried out by Direct Line Insurance. Unsurprisingly, a swimming pool tops the list as the most sought-after addition to a high-end home, with one in six buyers stating that this would increase the saleability of the property on the market.

However, as a seller, before you rush into installing a pool into your property, it’s important to be aware that it’s also widely renowned as the 'marmite' of the high-end property industry. Some homebuyers revel in the idea of living in a home with a pool, while others worry about maintenance and upkeep costs. It’s therefore vital you spend time weighing up the pros and cons before deciding whether it’s a suitable addition.

Coming in at joint second for facilities most sought after by sellers is the addition of a home gym or tennis courts. In recent years, staying in has become the new going out, so having these sporting facilities within the home is appealing to buyers who prioritise convenience and ease. We’re also at a time where health and fitness is at the forefront of people’s minds, so having these facilities on site will only heighten a property’s appeal to potential buyers.

These high-end extras will not only make living in this property seem more attractive to buyers, but, more importantly for sellers, it will add value to the property ahead of you placing it on the market.

Swimming pools also won the top-spot in this category too. It has been revealed that installing a pool can add 15% to a property's value, music to the ears of sellers. Top-notch designer kitchens will also increase the value of a high-end home, and should be the first port of call when redesigning a property. We’ve previously discussed the importance of a superbly designed kitchen when marketing your property, and it  definitely seems to be a winner with buyers.

Having extra land and an excellent view are also factors that appeal to the average high-end buyer and increase the saleability of a property. Therefore, when marketing your home you must include any details about extra land into your sales pitch as it will only help improve the likelihood of selling, and most importantly for a higher price. Having extra land also gives buyers the freedom to put their own stamp on the property and add extra features, which is always a plus.

Just remember, if you’re lucky enough to be selling a property with a handsome price tag, ensure you make the necessary additions and modifications to appeal to the right buying demographic. Making the wrong investments could mean your property remains stagnant on the sellers’ shelf.

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