How to avoid these common moving mistakes

How to avoid these common moving mistakes

Moving home is up there as one of the most stressful events that someone goes through in their lifetime, and among the boxes, contracts, squabbles and bubble wrap, it’s easy for things to be overlooked. So sit back and let Tepilo break down the most common mistakes people make when moving home, and how to avoid them.


Book a cowboy, expect the wild west

The professionals you assign to help you move home will be the primary people dealing with getting your most beloved items from one place to another. Therefore, it’s vital that you ensure these people are the best you can get yours hands on.

Call as many moving companies as you can and then spend another good hour hunting down references and reviews. You just can’t be careful enough. Things can often go missing or get damaged in the process of moving home, and although this is not always the fault of the mover, you can take out much of the worry and hassle of this process by carrying out background checks.


Not labelling boxes

Don’t play deal or no deal with your boxes.

It’s a good idea to label your boxes by room, then by primary contents, and then by whether the contents are fragile.This way you’ll spend less time staring blankly at the Everest shaped stack of boxes that are sitting in the hallway, and more time with your feet up in front of your expertly un-packed television.


Don’t get lumbered with old baggage

It has been estimated that 11 million households stand to save £200 or more by switching their gas and electricity supplier, but only six per cent realised this potential saving was possible! Moving house is a great time to make sure you are getting the best deal for the place you’re moving into.

Any savings made here could go towards those (well researched and reference checked) removal men, so why not take ten minutes out of your day to run your details through a comparison site and check? As our very own Sarah Beeny explains - “Apart from being stressful, moving home can also be a big financial burden. So when there’s money to be saved by simply switching over your energy provider, it should be a no-brainer!”.  Visit for more information.

Every inch counts

Remember that one size doesn’t fit all. One way of making sure your comfy sofa fits through the front door and into your new space is to take a measuring tape before you move in. You’ll feel less stressed on moving day and will be able to put your feet up after a hard day’s work.

“It’s a mistake that so many people make and something that many look past during the whirlwind that is the moving process. Just take a few minutes to measure up your biggest pieces of furniture to make sure they’ll fit in your new home and do this in enough time to make other plans should they not.” - Sarah Beeny.


Not checking your insurance

Not all hired movers have insurance and the ones who do might not have enough. So when that man drops a box of your finest china, prepare to either wave them goodbye or fork out for a new set should you not be covered.

Check with your home insurance provider to see whether a move is covered in your plan, and if it doesn’t, it’s really easy to seek out temporary insurance or find a moving company who offer it as an add-on.


Not de-cluttering before packing

Use this move as an opportunity to get rid of all clutter and items that you no longer need. You’re already going to have so much to take with you to your new home, you don’t also need a box marked ‘Junk - probably won’t ever use again’...

A good rule of thumb is to discard anything that you haven’t used in a year (unless they have sentimental value, of course). Anything you decide to get rid of you can take down to a local charity shop or even see if you can make a few pennies by selling it on.


Trying to do everything yourself

It’s easy to underestimate the sheer amount of time, effort and manpower that goes into moving house – so this is most definitely the time to ask for some help.

Of course, not everyone will have a removal team at their beck and call, but any helping hands can boost your chances of getting through the day stress- and exhaustion- free. So bring in a friend to help sort through clothes, or ask a neighbour to watch over or your dog – every little helps.



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