Our Guide to Carpet vs Wooden Flooring

Our Guide to Carpet vs Wooden Flooring

Our guide to carpet vs wooden flooring

Design and interior trends are prone to change from season to season – see our blog on this autumn's hottest fads as an example of how things move so quickly in this space.

This is all well and good when it comes to ornaments and colour schemes, but when it comes to more significant parts of the home – think windows and flooring – the trends tend to stick around for the long-term.

One of the things we've noticed here at Tepilo in recent times is a resurgence in fitted carpets in Britain's homes. In the early 2000s property pull-outs galore and home experts up and down the country continually recommended the aesthetic benefits of wooden flooring. However, as we begin to look towards 2016, it seems what goes around really does come back around…

Don't get us wrong, old style wooden floors which have been varnished and well looked after still look the part, but it seems for many modern buyers the practicality of carpet is shining through once more.

Fitted carpets are back in vogue. If you live in a house with children or a flat below someone with wooden floors, they can be very noisy. It's all about acoustics.

As well as the family-friendly vibe, carpets also offer home owners the benefit of potential energy savings.

With energy bills expected to rise further in coming months as a number of fixed-price tariffs expire and default to standard-rate tariffs and the general cost of living continuing to increase, property buyers are more aware of what will or won't save them money in their new home.

Also when deciding what flooring to with, don't forget about noise as Lauren Haynes, cleaning expert at Star Domestic Cleaners explains "the first consideration when trying to decide between carpet and wooden flooring is the difference in noise that you will experience. There is no getting away from the fact that walking on wooden flooring is much noisier than its carpet counterpart, even in bare feet. Of course, you can cover the flooring with rugs. But that defeats the point of having lovely gleaming wooden flooring, also, rugs can slip, which is a hazard when you have young kids running or crawling around the place.’’

As we approach the winter months, the insulation benefits of carpets compared to wood floors are clear for all to see and many buyers are cottoning on to this way of thinking.

Now we're not saying go to your nearest carpet store and buy the whole stock room; the point is it's important to keep on top of wider property buying trends when selling your home.

You also need to think about the type of buyer you're targeting and how to sell the advantages of your home during viewings. If your key target demographic is families, for example, show them the rooms with carpets.

Or if you don't have any carpets, explain the ease with which one could be fitted in any given room in your home.

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