Get that Downton Abbey look in your home

Get that Downton Abbey look in your home

Downton Abbey, the historical TV drama which has captured the imagination of the nation for the last five years, has transcended the mediums of television, and become a source of cultural inspiration. It is no longer just a show, but has become an influencer in society as its popularity has grown, impacting fashion and interior design alike.

This Christmas the show with British opulence and sophistication at its core will come to an end for good, but the sense of grandeur and old-fashioned décor which the show has re-introduced into British culture doesn’t look as if it will disappear anytime soon.

Many UK homeowners, influenced by the show's sense of style, have chosen to incorporate interior design features from the programme into their own homes. If you’re looking to redecorate your property before placing it on the market, why not subtly include some of the styles seen in the show? We tell you how here…

Elegance is key

If you’re considering sprucing up your home, a bold colour on a single wall, or bold colour furnishings work wonderfully to create an early 20th century vibe. Only a small splash of colour is necessary, though, as you don’t want to overpower the room; elegance is key.

Adding gold and champagne coloured furnishings into your interior will also add a touch of glamour to the property, and better still for potential sellers; increase the value and saleability of your home, should you place it on the market.

Don’t go too old-school

It’s important when contemplating incorporating the Downton trend into your home that you don’t go overboard, replicating the exact style of the property, as this may scare away buyers. It’s also important when making decorative changes, not to let your home slip into the ‘old fashioned’ spectrum. Lightings and window dressings can be a great way to incorporate Downton references within a modern home, easily done through the use of the ever-elegant full length curtains or roman blinds.

However, just the addition of a gorgeous chandelier or changing the light shades can really create bygone chic. Large, bold, floral patterns are particularly Downton-esque, and have been seen all over this autumn’s fashion shows too. What's more, floral designs could be used as a wall pattern, on bed sheets or via a homely rug.   

It’s all in the detail

If you don’t quite have the budget to fork out for some of the grander interior design styles found in Downton, don’t fear. It’s the littlest things which can make the biggest impact and really play homage to the era.

Vintage china is a particular favourite and can be easily incorporated into your home on a budget. Cake-stands, teapots, milk jugs; these will all be a sure-fire hit with a certain type of buyer, not forgetting that home baking is still incredibly popular thanks to The Great British Bake Off, another culturally influential TV show.

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