The best autumn interior design trends

The best autumn interior design trends

We look into the best autumn interiors design trends

We’re now officially into autumn and it won’t be long before the gloves, scarves and woolly jumpers are out in force as winter hits. But what will these seasons mean for our interiors?


We take a look at the design trends that look set to be in vogue over the next few months.


At one with nature


Countryside-inspired interiors have been all the rage for a while and this trend is expected to continue for the foreseeable future. That said, a more rustic style of flora and fauna is predicted to replace the more feminine blooms of summer and spring. The rugged, wild countryside of the fells and moors of northern England will be a major source of inspiration.


Prints of wild flowers and country animals will be popular, as will the use of tweed and velvet fabrics. The outdoors never looks better than when it’s basking in an autumnal glow – as such, expect interiors to reflect this, with various shades of red, yellow, purple, orange, green, pink, blue and brown. A colour bonanza, in other words.


The flexibility of contemporary


There is often hesitation about opting for contemporary designs as people worry that it will very quickly date and become unfashionable. Modern interiors, however, thrive off their flexibility and adaptability. Their stripped-back, understated simplicity – modern interiors tend to veer towards the less is more approach – mean they can easily be changed, enhanced and added to.


Abstract designs and upbeat geometric prints, weaves and voiles will be the order of the day this autumn. Colours will be based around citrus, indigo blue and monochromatic blacks.


Vintage chic


Designers are forever borrowing from the past – this autumn/winter will be no different. Faded vintage stylings – the sort of stylings that wouldn’t look out of place in a French chateau – are likely to be king. Picture the scene: wrought iron shelving, vintage baskets, hand-drawn or textured fabrics and wallpapers, all helping to give the prints a muted and antique feel.


To achieve this vintage, faded grandeur style vibe, classic colours will be in high demand. But pale greens and blues, as well as lemon and deeper purples and reds, will also be used heavily.


Bold statements


Summer isn’t the only time for exuberant colours or bold statements to be made. Who doesn’t prefer bright and colourful over pedestrian and staid? Designers are following that mantra this autumn, with dramatic tropical designs and glossy foliage prints dominating proceedings.


Deeper, warmer shades – most often associated with the autumn and winter months – will be trumped by colours that are vivacious and fun. Colours are likely to include fuchsia pinks, bright reds, yellows and deep oranges, but more subtle and neutral colours will also feature heavily – think stripped-back greens, blues and purples.      


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