Do buyers actually want a haunted property?

Do buyers actually want a haunted property?

Halloween is very nearly upon us. The pumpkins, fancy dress and trick or treaters will be out in force, the number of creepy horror films on TV and in the cinemas will go up, and Halloween parties and haunted house evenings will be taking place up and down the country.


This has got us thinking, would a property buyer ever be willing to purchase a haunted house? Or, more to the point, would they even know it was haunted in the first place? “That is the scary question!” says Jo Aldridge, property search agent at buying agency Stacks Property Search.


Aldridge says some houses are unashamedly haunted and it's used as a virtue not a curse. They'll hear rumours from locals, agents, even sellers themselves, who might see the haunted element as a part of their sales pitch. After all, it can add to the mystery, intrigue and history of a place.


As Aldridge points out: “Sometimes a resident ghost is a selling point. Especially when it’s associated with a stunning period property with attached history. A ghost is almost an expected part of such a package.”


However, if a buyer is from out of town, purchasing remotely or hasn't spent time in the local area – and been privy to the rumours, the hearsay, the myths and legend, then is a seller obliged declare any poltergeists or supernatural beings residing in the home they are looking to sell?


Well, it's all a bit unclear. Vendors are required by the NAEA to declare ‘anything that has occurred at the property that would affect the transactional decision of the average buyer’. This means things like suicides and murders taking place in the house at some point in history would have to be mentioned – as most would agree, these events would have a big bearing on whether a buyer would still like to buy or not. But do ghosts fall into this category?


They certainly aren't 'material' and some sellers might fear they'll be laughed at if they reveal a ghostly presence. But different people have different beliefs when it comes to ghosts; it's all very subjective. Some people will be put off by the thought of a spooky house, others will be ill at ease, others will think nothing of it and some will positively embrace the haunted element. It can, of course, be a great dinner-party starter conversation!


Whether your home is haunted or not, at Tepilo we will do all we can to get your home sold this Halloween. That's why assign you a dedicated sales manager from the moment you upload your property to our website, right through to completion. If that wasn't enough, we also provide a 24/7 phone service where our experienced and knowledgeable team of advisers will answer any questions you have.

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