Why The Kitchen Should Be a Major Part Of Your Sales Pitch

Why The Kitchen Should Be a Major Part Of Your Sales Pitch

It’s important, when selling your home, to identify your property’s best attributes. It’s also important to identify the room that will appeal most to would-be buyers. In many cases, this will be the kitchen.

In the last few years, the kitchen has come to be seen as the centrepiece of many homes. It’s no longer just a place where people cook and bake; it’s a place for eating and socialising and somewhere for the kids to do their homework. The success of programmes like The Great British Bake Off and MasterChef, as well as the rise in popularity of farmers markets and street food, shows the appetite for all things foodie is higher than it’s ever been in the UK.

With this in mind, kitchens need to cater to the burgeoning love affair us Brits are having with food. Prospective buyers will be particularly eagle-eyed when it comes to kitchens. Generally speaking, clean, modern, glossy and easy on the eye kitchens will go down very well. However, this will differ from demographic to demographic.

Families, for example, might be after something more homely and rustic. As well as this, they’ll be looking for a kitchen that is child-friendly. Functionality and space will be key considerations, but it also might be used as a hub for dinner parties and family engagements. Being all things to everyone is impossible, but ensuring your kitchen is as flexible and multi-functional as possible will please buyers.

Meanwhile, if your target market is young professionals, then they are likely to be keen foodies and socialisers. They’ll want a kitchen space that is suitable for drinks with friends and informal meet-ups. This will probably mean modern, sleek and minimalist surroundings. It’s the case with most kitchens, less is often more. Something too out-there, quirky or eccentric won’t have significant appeal to would-be buyers; stripped-back, understated and spacious kitchens probably will.

That said, even if your kitchen is on the smaller side, you can make it look bigger by being innovative and clever with the space you do have. Plus, to some buyers, a more intimate kitchen will be very attractive. Either way, making the most of what you have and shining the best possible light on your kitchen will increase your chances of selling.

Because the kitchen will be a top priority for many prospective buyers, it might be wise to direct them towards that room first when you are conducting house viewings. Many house viewings start upstairs and work their way down, but there is no right way to do it and, if you think your kitchen is your property’s main selling point, by all means show it off straightaway. First impressions are, after all, absolutely crucial when it comes to viewings. Alternatively, you could show your kitchen off last, to make sure it is the abiding memory that would-be buyers have.

Certainly, putting your kitchen front and centre is only likely to help your sales pitch, so special attention should be given to this increasingly important room.

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