How To Prepare Your Garden For Summer Buyers

How To Prepare Your Garden For Summer Buyers

Getting out in the garden is one of the highlights of many people's year. And when it's not raining, we really are a nation of garden lovers.

If you're selling your home – especially in the summer months – it is important to make sure your garden is in good shape as buyers will be looking closely to see if it fits the bill.

Of course, all gardens come in different shapes and sizes and there is no such thing as the perfect identikit garden, but there are a few things you can do to make sure you are getting the best from your outdoor space.

As with most things in life, planning and preparation are all important when re-jigging your garden. There is no point in taking a trip to your local garden centre at the first opportunity and buying a load of objects, water features and plants that don't fit in your garden, let alone suit its style.

What's more, you won't be able to have everything. While we'd all love decking, a swimming pool, fish pond, perfect lawn, seating and barbecue area – the list goes on – it is best in the first instance to pick out a couple of features and focus on these.

To identify the best areas of your garden including where gets the most sunlight, where is most peaceful and where is best for sitting, take some time to wander round at different times of the day so you can see all the potential your garden holds.

Looking specifically at features that most gardens can accommodate, decking and paths come up time and again. Some people may say wooden decks have had their day, but if you want somewhere to overlook the best spots of your garden, there is nothing better to facilitate this.

Another essential is making the most out of any paths. Paths are a necessity and are often overlooked. Rather than seeing them as just a rudimentary feature for linking two parts of ground, see and treat them as a true part of the garden. Add curves to your paths and make sure the flowers around them are well-kept. If you keep the lines and divides defined it will help make your garden look more spacious as well as tidier.

If you don't have space for paths and are dealing with a tighter area of space, Sara Ransom of buying agency Stacks Property Search has some sage advice.

For a small garden, “a flat, square, well-screened garden facing west or south west, with the width of the house opening directly onto it, makes the perfect arrangement,” she says.
When selling your property, the value a garden can add to a property is undeniable, as Sara explains... “A standard five bedroom house in Balham, with a value of around £1.4m, generally has a 20’ x 20’ garden. You can add £150,000 to the price tag if the garden measures 50’ x 20’. I would value outside space in Balham at around £250 / sq. ft, a significant price when you consider that internal space is around £700 / sq. ft.”

Well-maintained and spacious gardens are one of the key drivers for people moving out of urban areas. If you're selling a property in a rural area, the garden really could be the key. Families making the move out of the city are more likely to compromise on the home itself, as well as location, in order to secure the perfect garden space.

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