How to make moving home easy after selling your property

How to make moving home easy after selling your property

Once you've sold your home and are ready to move into your new one, there is one final part of the process to complete. It's also one of the most crucial and, in many cases, one of the most stressful steps. It is, of course, moving day.

It's often near the top of league tables of stressful life events, but it needn't be like that. If you plan ahead and do everything in a structured, systematic way, it shouldn't cause you too many headaches.

Below we outline some top tips to ensuring a smooth, well-drilled operation...

Choose DIY or professional

The very first thing to consider – do you want to move house off your own back or employ the services of a removal firm to do this for you? If you don't have too many belongings, it might make sense to take a DIY approach. If this is the case, make sure you get the right-sized van. Too small and you'll be doing more than one trip, too big and you'd have wasted a load of money on space you didn't really need.

If you could do without the hassle and effort of moving everything yourself, getting the professionals in is the next best step. Ensure they are registered with the British Association of Removers. It's also best, to be on the safe side, to book them at least two weeks in advance.  

Don't make packing a hardship

Packing can be quite therapeutic. There can be satisfaction in binning those junk or unwanted items that have been clogging up your house for years. There is also a certain pleasure in getting everything done in a strategic, disciplined manner. Possessions that are no longer needed, past their sell-by-date or broken beyond all repair can be binned, given to charity or sold on sites like eBay.

As for the practicalities of packing, it's best to start early, label boxes as you go, keep a checklist (to reduce the chances of leaving anything behind) and take extra time and attention with those more valuable or delicate items. When it comes to these items, bubble wrap and tough, heavy-duty boxes are heavily recommended.

Tick things off the checklist

The humble but handy checklist really comes into its own in the lead-up to moving day. Make a note of everything that needs doing and tick these tasks off one by one. A great way of making everything seem less intimidating, it also allows you to stay organised and structured, which will help reduce your stress levels as the house move gets ever nearer.

Inform those that need to be informed

It's not just your family, friends and work colleagues who need to be told about your impending move, there are many others who will need to be informed as well. The DVLA (assuming you drive), the Inland Revenue and the water, gas and electricity companies you use will all need to know your new address, as will your doctor, dentist and opticians. In addition, you will need to tell your bank, your phone and internet provider and any loan or credit card companies you utilise. Again, keeping a checklist of all the people you need to tell will reduce the chances of you missing anyone out.

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