How odd jobs improve your selling prospects

How odd jobs improve your selling prospects

It might not seem like it, but it’s often the little things that make or break a house sale. Making sure your house is attractive and in tip-top condition is one of the most important things when it comes to selling your home, but this will usually involve a number of smaller (but vital) tasks that might have been placed on the backburner for various reasons.

Odds jobs, in particular, are those things you put off and off until you absolutely have to get them done. It might be a DIY task that you started but didn’t finish, it might be a wall that needs a fresh lick of paint, it might be something that needs repairing or replacing, or it might just be a spruce up of the garden – but these things can make a huge difference when would-be buyers view your home.

If a viewing goes well – which is much more likely if you’re showing off a home that is clean, well-maintained and presentable – then the chances of an offer being placed go up considerably.

The below rooms, in particular, might benefit most from a bit of TLC. And, more importantly, these little modifications won’t cost you a fortune either...

The kitchen

Many recent polls have seen the kitchen named as the most important room in the house. It’s where people cook, bake and socialise; it’s somewhere for the kids to do their homework; in many cases, it’s where people eat and have family discussions. Whichever way you dress it up, it has become the hub of many homes and the room prospective buyers will scrutinise over any other.

As a result, it is increasingly vital that your kitchen is clean, aesthetically pleasing and well-kept. Ensure all drawers, appliances and fixtures and fittings are in fine working order and give the whole room a thorough once-over to give it that gleaming, sparkling look. Replacing handles, taps and work surfaces doesn’t cost nearly as much as you might think and can really transform your kitchen from drab to contemporary.

The garden

If you have the luxury of garden space, utilise it to the max. It will have significant appeal to many buyers, particularly families with young children.

The fact we’re in August is also something to bear in mind. Buyers purchasing in summer will be focusing much more on outdoor space, so giving a lick of paint to the fence, mowing the lawn, keeping borders weed-free and introducing some new plants or hanging baskets will help improve the look of your garden. As first impressions are so important in successful house sales, shining a positive light on a relaxing outdoors space is one way of getting a buyer on side early on.

The bathroom

Another key area for buyers, the trend in recent years has been for smart, modern, well-furnished bathrooms – in other words, the sort of bathroom you’d find in a high-end or boutique hotel. Tiles should be neat and sparkling and the shower, bath tub and toilet should look as good as new. An older bathroom can be transformed into something much more modern with the addition of a chrome towel rail, a contemporary shower screen/curtain, new taps and new flooring.

Nowadays, tiled, vinyl, rubber, laminate, wood effect and white flooring are popular styles. Carpet flooring in bathrooms is now seen as quite an outdated thing, so it would be advisable to convert to something more modern if you want to appeal to as wide a range of buyers as possible.

There are other smaller, often overlooked jobs that could also make the difference. Dirty windows, light sockets covered in paint and light bulbs that don’t work not only look unsightly, they also give the impression that your property isn’t as well-looked after as it should be.

Half-finished DIY tasks also give off a bad impression so make sure you get these done. It might be a case of hiring out someone to do this for you, but the cost of this will be worth it if it improves your chances of pushing through a sale.

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