Why the 24/7 estate agency is here to stay

Why the 24/7 estate agency is here to stay

The way businesses communicate with their customers is evolving and we believe being available whenever needed is one of the most important basic requirements of a successful estate agency.

The complexities of modern life means many of us are on the move more often than not and are creeping away from formulaic living and working patterns (one online estate agent found that 57% of its activity is undertaken by customers outside normal estate agency hours). When selling your home, 24-hour access to your estate agent has become essential.

As well as time, the mediums of communication we use are also changing. Sellers want to get in touch via social media and live chat, as well as the 'traditional' contact methods such as face-to-face meetings and phone and email correspondence.

The fast-paced and technologically reliant nature of the world we live in means that as consumers we're now used to instant communication. Therefore, when choosing an estate agent to represent you, you need to consider who is and who is not offering a range of convenient communication solutions.

When it comes to the specifics of selling a property, there are many reasons why unlimited contact access with experienced property professionals has become so invaluable.

As we know, the majority of property buyers are now doing their groundwork on web portals Rightmove and Zoopla and this means things move a lot quicker than they ever have done before.

Buyers will not be used to waiting and they are unlikely to want to wait to view a property because the seller's agent is closed on a Sunday. If it doesn't suit them, they'll simply move on to the next property.

Prospective buyers are looking at properties, booking viewings and making offers outside of normal working hours as well as at the weekend. As a seller, you and your chosen agent can't put up a barrier to these expectations.

It may at first have seemed unnecessary and somewhat of a gimmick, but due to the way our world is developing, 24/7 estate agency really is here to stay.

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