Tepilo's top property buying tips

Tepilo's top property buying tips

Our top buying tips

Buying a new house is usually exciting, often life-changing and sometimes stressful. We’re here to try and make choosing your dream home that little bit easier..


The offer

An offer accompanied by a negotiation is par for the course when trying to tie down your new home, so don’t be afraid to do this. In fact, the vendor would probably be more shocked if you didn’t try to shave a bob or two off of the asking price!  However, if you have found a property that you love, it’s important that the vendor knows you are serious about the purchase, that way they’re much more likely to take your offer seriously (whatever it may be!).


Warning signs

When you’re viewing a property watch out for common warning signs. Are any tiles loose or missing from the roof? Are there any signs of subsidence? Signs of movement can include cracks or patched up pointing between the brickwork. While movement may be historic, if it is ongoing it’s important that you get professional advice from a builder or surveyor.


Is the price right?

To avoid disappointment later know exactly what you can afford before you start your search. To help you be realistic it’s advisable to make an appointment with a mortgage broker who will be able to advise you on the level of borrowing you are likely to achieve.



It’s important to think about location and visit the area at different times of day – for example, it may be more noisy at certain times than others. Get a good understanding of the neighbourhood in general and check out the local schools too if necessary.


Survey suggestion

Getting a full structural survey or homebuyer's report is advisable in order to identify any problems before the purchase is complete. No property is perfect and some issues are likely to be identified... but don’t panic, just work out how much it will cost to rectify them.


Trust your instinct

Do you love the house? Then trust your instincts. There is likely to be an element of compromise with any property but if you feel like ‘it’s the one’, then it probably is!