Summer 2015’s Hottest Interior Design Trends

Summer 2015’s Hottest Interior Design Trends

Now summer is truly under way after we’ve just experienced the UK’s hottest day in a decade with the mercury hitting 35C, we thought it the perfect time to look at the season’s hottest interior design trends.

Many homeowners like to keep up with the latest design fashions to keep their homes fresh and relevant and if you are looking to sell your property, it becomes even more important to know what’s in vogue and what isn’t.

After all, your would-be buyers will be on the lookout for a home that is contemporary and fashionable. Don’t be fooled, though, that doesn’t necessarily mean modern, slick and futuristic. In fact, more than ever, classical designs are experiencing something of a renaissance.

You may have heard this one before but a summer trend that is making waves in 2015 is all about the classics – adapting and updating them to make sure they merge seamlessly with contemporary techniques, finishes and shapes. It’s about combining modern ambience with a classical edge.

Design brand BRABBU has identified the use of high contrast colours as one way of giving your house a trendy, summery vibe. Regardless of the room – it could be the kitchen, living room, dining room, bathroom or bedrooms – blue and white is recommended as a great combo. They are both calming, unobtrusive colours that will give your house a cool, serene feel. Perfect conditions for entertaining and summer dinner-parties.

Another trend which is turning heads is one which centres on organic textures. For example, rough linens, natural woods, chunky knits and smooth marbles. A combination of these materials creates and effortlessly rustic look – something that you might be more accustomed to seeing in Scandinavia.

Colour-wise, these styles are best implemented through a neutral palette, predominantly creams and browns. The idea of this trend, which has been pioneered by House of Fraser, is all about understatement, similar to the one detailed above.

As you may have worked out, the main message of this year’s summer trends is to stay cool in the sunshine – let’s hope those aren’t famous last words.

As a property seller it is important to make your home reflect the season you are selling in. Making your home summer-friendly will appeal to would-be buyers when they come to view your property. Make sure you use the better weather to shine a light on your property’s best attributes, especially the garden and any outside space.

Here at Tepilo we are committed to getting you the best price for your home. We are available on the phone 24/7 if you need support and guidance and if you’re thinking about selling this summer, you can find out how much your property could be worth using our instant online valuation tool.