How We Market Your Property On a National Scale

How We Market Your Property On a National Scale

Last time we spoke about how fewer overheads for us will save you money in fees. This time we look at another major benefit of selling your property with Tepilo: national marketing coverage.

Unlike a traditional estate agent, we don’t have one fixed branch or base, which means we can sell or let your home from locations all across the UK – from Harrogate to Hastings and Sevenoaks to Sunderland.

As we know, property searches nowadays are almost exclusively started online. People turn first to property portals like Rightmove, Zoopla and PrimeLocation via their smartphones and tablets. The reach of these portals is phenomenal and not bound by region or location. In other words, if you want your property to be seen by as many eyes as possible, online is the place to be.

When you’re selling your property, of course you want would-be buyers to find it, because the more people who see it, the better your chances of securing a viewing and then a potential offer. Surely, then, you don’t want your property to be advertised on a purely local basis, but rather nationally?

On these portals, professionally taken, high-quality photos are a must to help your property stand out from the crowd. Gone are the days of grainy photos of houses being showcased in the middle pages of the local newspaper; prospective buyers will simply bypass these without a second glance, expecting much, much more to capture their attention. Properties can also be shared on social media nowadays, offering a far greater reach than could ever be achieved by some traditional marketing methods such as For Sale boards or window advertising.

With the world becoming increasingly digital; think Skype, virtual tours and social media (amongst other things), buyers and sellers have more ways to communicate than ever before. Local boundaries need no longer be so regimented and strict. If a vendor in Tamworth wants to sell to a buyer in Tonbridge, why can’t that happen? Some high street estate agents often harp on about the importance of local knowledge when it comes to selling, as if this is the be all and end all. Yes, local knowledge can be a factor in a sale, but it’s far from the only factor.

Location is also very important, but this can be conveyed by a witty, engaging property description as well as it can be by an agent. Plus, with Google on hand, there is a wealth of information out there for would-be buyers about the place they might one day call home. Local expertise is now as much online as it is out there on the streets.

And, when it comes to viewings, you will be able to articulate the positives of the area you live in better than anyone. You’ll know all the best places to shop, eat and drink, you’ll know the ideal places for days out with kids and the most relaxing green spaces. It’s the same with your home itself. Some agents are often criticised for not carrying out viewings on a seller’s behalf, but we see it another way. A seller is the perfect person to conduct a viewing, because they will be able to put across the best attributes of the property in a genuine and passionate way.

We don’t think viewings should be bland and emotionless. As long as you don’t take it to extreme lengths, a heartfelt sales pitch seems preferable to one carried out by an agent with no emotional investment in the property. At Tepilo we arrange the viewings, at a time suitable for both parties, so this more stressful aspect of the process is taken away. Once the viewings are in place, sellers tend to come into their own.

That said, we’re not simply a faceless machine, we assign you your own dedicated sales manager to guide you every step of the way. Communication is key – we won’t keep you waiting around for information or updates. You’ll receive instant notifications the moment you have a viewing request, message or offer on your home.

If you want to find out more about what we can offer you, please get in contact on: 0844 3878377 or 01702 870878. To work out how much your home could be worth on today’s property market, check out our free instant online valuation.