Commute Cutting And Transport Access Work Their Way Up The Buyer’s Checklist

Commute Cutting And Transport Access Work Their Way Up The Buyer’s Checklist

When selling your home the property itself remains the key to finding a buyer. However, these days there are many other things we need to consider and a recent piece of research suggests that a shortened commute and access to good transport links are becoming increasingly important to Britain’s buyers.

With these trends in mind, it's important to highlight the appeal of your home’s location for commuters, travelling and more when promoting your property to prospective buyers.

Now let’s have a closer look at the research. Santander surveyed over 2,000 Brits and concluded that we are becoming a ‘recreation nation’ as maximising spare time edges up the buyer’s checklist.

Closeness to work is the most important factor when buying a home for 33% of respondents; this was followed by 28% who say that proximity to public transport is their key criteria.

This year’s study also points out that since the last time it was undertaken in 2011, the number of participants wanting to purchase property near restaurants and bars has increased by 6% and the looking for property with nearby sports facilities has increased 2%.

This sort of information is crucial for property sellers to take note of once their home is on the market. By combining some research along with your knowledge of the local area, you can highlight your property’s strengths to prospective buyers and increase your chances of securing a sale.

Santander’s research also reports that features of the home are becoming less important to buyers, with the numbers of people valuing space, parking facilities and having a south-facing garden all decreasing since 2011.

Now figures may be figures, but as one of the UK’s leading online estate agents our advice is not to take this literally. When trying to attract buyers, the condition of your property remains all-important. The tried and tested methods of decluttering and making general improvements to the front of your property such as painting your front door and replacing broken paving slabs are still extremely valuable in the race to sell your property.

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