Why Fewer Overheads For Us Will Save You Money In Fees

Why Fewer Overheads For Us Will Save You Money In Fees

There has been plenty of talk in recent years about the pros and cons of using an online estate agent over a ‘traditional’ estate agent with a high street presence.

Well, one of the major benefits of an online agent like Tepilo is that we don’t require a number of costly, high maintenance offices. High-street agents will have branches in prime locations (often with prime rents to match). These offices need electricity, heating, air-conditioning, equipment, desks, tables, chairs, stationery, etc.. All this adds up to a considerable sum.

Online agents, on the other hand, don’t need one fixed base. We don’t need expensive, swanky offices and company cars, because most of what we do is carried out online. At Tepilo we have one central office which deals with enquiries, viewing requests and sales progression. As a result, we can keep our overheads down and provide our customers with a more competitive price.

Not being tied down to one location also means that online agents have more freedom to offer nationwide services. So if you’re looking to sell in Newcastle or Norwich, we can help you out as much as if you were a seller in Blackpool or Bournemouth.

Although we are an online estate agent, it doesn’t merely follow that we’re a faceless, impersonal machine. It’s quite the opposite, in fact. We’re not simply a ‘backroom’ agent hiding behind a screen and operating out of a poky bedroom, we offer the personal touch too.

A personal sale manager will be with you every step of the way once you have uploaded your property to our website. They will help you to negotiate, organise viewings and bring your sale to completion.

The biggest advantage of online agents, though, is quite simple: Cost. We offer the same service as high-street agents but for a fraction of the price. Online is where the majority of people head to these days to start their property search, which means it’s absolutely vital that you have a very visible presence on major portals like Rightmove and Zoopla. We can make that happen.

You might expect some sort of catch when we tell you that we can sell your home for under £600. But we pride ourselves on the fact that we don’t include any sneaky, hidden fees or charges. Our main commitment is to selling your property for the best possible price, at a lower cost.

This, however, doesn’t mean scrimping and saving and offering you a half-baked service. We have experienced, fully-trained sales managers to help manage your sale, we provide 24/7 assistance, and we make sure your property is seen by as many would-be buyers as possible. In this sense, the importance of portals can’t be underestimated. Their reach is quite astonishing (up to 180 million property searches a month) and there are too many of them to mention, but they give an almighty boost to your chances of selling.

An oft-repeated criticism of online estate agents is that sellers are forced to carry out viewings themselves. While some might see this as a negative thing, we take a different approach. A seller knows their own home better than anyone – they know its best attributes and major selling points. They are in the best position to deliver a passionate, genuine sales pitch, whereas a would-be buyer might be less engaged by an agent who is perceived to be going through the motions.

If a seller prepares thoroughly in advance and sticks to the right advice, they will be able to give buyers a fantastic viewing experience with a personal touch. Plus, if you prefer, we are able to arrange viewings as part of our service, taking away some of the hassle and stress from sellers. Getting would-be buyers there in the first place can be the hard part – sellers tend to come into their own when it comes to the viewings themselves.

If you want to find out more about how you can sell for more and spend less with us, please get in contact on: 0844 3878377 or 01702 870878. To work out how much you could be saving by using an online agent, check out our fees page