Understanding Your Energy Consumption

Understanding Your Energy Consumption

UK Homes Rate Poorly In Energy Efficiency

The Mayor's Climate Change Mitigation and Energy Strategy aims to reduce London's carbon emissions by 60% of 1990 levels by 2025. Key to this goal is improving the energy efficiency of homes in the UK. The Guardian reports that UK homes are among the most expensive to heat, and that they have the highest level of fuel poverty out of a dozen comparable EU nations.

What Should You Do?

Our fab British properties may look great, have masses of character and gosh, if those walls could talk.. But these great attributes shouldn’t come at an unnecessary cost.

Shopping around and switching suppliers is one of the easiest ways to cut bills, but it’s not always quick or easy to understand your energy usage and how or where you could save. This head-scratching nature of energy consumption means that the average consumer switches only once every 10 years, when energy companies usually change their prices twice a year!

The Simple Answer

Great tools have cropped up that let homeowners monitor exactly what energy costs their money is going on, and help them discover how those pennies could be saved. Loop lets you see exactly where you are spending money on electricity and gas and puts you in control of your bills. You can check in real-time how much appliances are using from your computer or mobile device and it even helps you set budgets and view your monthly spend.

This means no more headaches trying to decode exactly what your meter readings are trying to tell you, or lengthy conversations with your provider whilst they try and explain the why’s where’s and when’s of your energy consumption. Instead, you can get simple, (and unbiased) notifications to make informed decisions on the aspects of your property that might need attention in the form of insulation or a little home DIY, or whether you should or could simply switch and save.

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