Can a Skinny Home be a Mansion too?

Can a Skinny Home be a Mansion too?

Is there such a thing as too skinny? As far as living beings are concerned that is a definite yes, but as far as property is concerned, well, it seems that being super skinny is no obstacle to a sky-high price tag.

The Guinness Book of World Records cites Great Cumbrae Scotland as home to the skinniest house frontage in the world. The house at its narrowest point measures just 47 inches. Known as the ‘Wedge House' it was sold to a family from Essex, who used the narrow spaced as a vacation home.

The Keret House, inspired by Israeli writer Etgar Keret known for his really short stories, occupies a 4 foot-wide space between two buildings in Warsaw, Poland. It functions as an art residency but people never stay for longer than a week because it is way too restrictive for it to be a functional full-time residence for anybody. Still, it comprises a kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom and lounge area.

Skinny houses are a novelty but they aren’t new to the property market. What is new, however, is their trendiness, which is accompanied by rising prices and an elevated social rank that puts them in the realm mansions. It seems that as property prices in London soar to new record highs, the trend is to go skinny to get the best bang for your buck.

For example:

In September 2014, in Fratton, Portsmouth a 4ft 10in house was on the market and its owners were considering offers in excess of £125,000. It’s called the Tardis because the interior is much more spacious than the outside façade leads one to believe.

The Guardian also reports on a 7 foot-wide house in Haringey, London which was on sale for £235,000. It may seem ridiculous for such a tiny space to get such a high price, but a regular three-bedroom terrace in the area will set you back £580,000, so the skinny option offers buyers desperate to get into Haringey an affordable option – not to mention a conversation piece for every party they attend for the rest of their lives.

Then again, £235,000 is infinitely affordable when compared to the £450,000 8-foot home in the south-east London. It doesn’t provide much space maximise curb appeal, but the interiors are generally modern, comfortably decorated and, ultimately, creatively quirky to get optimal use out of very limited space.

If you prefer novelty to affordability or aren’t particularly worried about space so long as you have a good address, then a skinny house could be for you; otherwise, when you’re ready to move up the property market, contact online estate agency Tepilo.

photo credit: 4-16 Newbold Street, Leamington Spa via Flicker (license)

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