Our tips for decorating your child's bedroom

Our tips for decorating your child's bedroom

For many homeowners, the best reason to purchase a home is to provide their children with a stable environment in which to grow and flourish. Fundamental to a home design that achieves this goal is the children's bedrooms, where they'll be spending most of the early years of their life, and where their dreams for the world beyond will take shape. With that in mind, here are a few tips for designing children’s bedrooms that will satisfy their need for sleep, safety and mental stimulation.

Choose colours that grow with children

Your toddlers will become teenagers in no time, and it's best to bear that in mind when you first decorate the room so you don't have to re-paint it whenever they outgrown it. Key to this is using colours that appeal to both children and adolescents. UK Home Improvement suggests pale lilac or lavender for a girl's bedroom and marine blue for a boy, as they are colours which are easy on the eye regardless of age.

Think of a creative use for the walls

Four blank walls are a waste of space that could be used to the benefit of both yourself and your children. At least one of the walls could be decorated with something that serves the purpose of entertainment, as well as wallpaper. For example, a chalkboard wall, as seen on Yahoo! Lifestyle or a wall that serves as a vertical Lego playground. The children will appreciate having something to keep them occupied, and you'll appreciate getting some extra sleep.

Use toys as decor

Who needs flowers and decorative pottery? Certainly not kids. Toys are bright, colourful and diverse, and there's a variety of them to suit any theme you have in mind. Whether it be fluffy animals, dinosaurs or miniature trucks, you need no more decoration than the careful arrangement of children's toys. Kareen Liez recommends hanging large toys from hooks and placing small toys on the shelves.

Use educational material as decor

Don't miss the opportunity to encourage your children's curiosity about the world around them. A diagram of the solar system, a colourful map of the world or a chart mapping out the evolution of the species all serve the dual purpose of filling your children with awe and inspiring them to learn more. Be sure to include a well-stocked bookshelf as well.

Glow in the dark trinkets

Glow in the dark decorations on the walls or the ceiling will have your children looking forward to the light being turned off rather than fearing the dark. You can't go wrong with a pattern of stars that makes them feel like they're gazing up at the night sky. Be sure to pick something they'd actually want to have peering back at them from the darkness though. A glow-in-the-dark Eye of Sauron might be a bad idea, no matter how much they like Lord of the Rings.

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photo credit: Interior Design Elements: Kargman Children's Bedroom 2 by Phil Manker via photopin (license)

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