Discussing whether DIY can add value to your home

Discussing whether DIY can add value to your home

Can DIY add value to your home?

We’re a nation of DIY lovers with more than half of homeowners turning into weekend warriors around our homes and gardens; armed with hammers, nails, ladders and caulking guns, you name it and we’re sure to have it in our toolbox or shed. We do it with gusto, and in the name of home improvement, and, of course, with a peripheral certainty that we’re adding value to our homes. Weekend projects are definitely fun and enormously rewarding, even if they don’t add monetary value to our homes and sometimes end up costing a quid or two more than we’d planned on spending.

Given the tendency for home improvement projects to run (ever so slightly) over budget it’s a very good idea to plan the most effective use of your time, energy and cash. So if you enjoy spending the weekends adding an outside shower powered by alternative energy, or pulling up old carpets and replacing them with solid wood parquet floors in plain sawn white oak then consider the following before embarking on a DIY project.

First do your homework

The tendency among DIY enthusiasts to underestimate the difficulty or size of home improvement projects is legendary. Make sure you’ve done all the preparations and inform yourself by researching as many home improvement sites as you can. Faulty work is costly and in the worst case scenario may actually subtract from the monetary value of your home.

First rule: Safety is never compromised

If you're attempting something that requires the skill and knowledge of an expert, call in the expert. You might think that you can knock down an interior wall, but by doing so without expert advice, you might end up with the ceiling on your head. Make sure that your home insurance covers you for DIY-related accidents.

A Signature or Unique Feature

It’s a good idea to leave major alterations and improvements to the experts. If you can’t afford a major remodelling of your home, then try a smaller project, like the addition of an outside shower powered by alternative energy, or an outside deck area for sunbathing during the summer months.

The immediate monetary value that DIY improvements add to your home may or may not raise the asking price of your property. However, the value you’ll get from doing small, easy-to-do projects is immeasurable and little-by-little, year-after-year it all adds up, and you may even find that the improvements over the years have added substantially to the price you can fetch if you decide to sell.

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