Are You Setting the Right Stage for Your House?

Are You Setting the Right Stage for Your House?

House prices may be high, but home seekers who feel they have found the home of their dreams will be willing to pay any price. Of course, in many cases they won't know what the home of their dreams is until they see it. With the right home staging set up, you can help them do that.

If you don't believe in the power of home staging, you need only look at the influence it has on property sales. gives one example of a property that had been on the market for months but had not attracted any buyers, despite hosting a number of viewings. Then Design House stepped in and brought a professional touch to the home staging. Within three weeks there was a bidding war, and the home ended up being sold for £240,000 higher than the £3.3 million asking price.

Still don't believe it? Try out these home staging tips and see for yourself how much easier selling your home can be.

Sell a lifestyle suggests that you don't just sell a house, you sell a lifestyle. That's what a home is about, after all. If it was just about finding a place to live, then people would choose whatever affordable options come their way.

So sell your potential buyers the lifestyle associated with your home design. If it's a traditional family home then emphasise how each room caters to the needs of a typical family. If it's open-plan then promote its modernity and spaciousness.

Make a good first impression

First impressions are the most important part of presentation, so don't hesitate to make alterations to the front of your home if necessary. It will be worth it in the long run. Consider giving the front door and walls a fresh coat of paint, and redoing the windows. A small garden out front and an awning over the porch are some nice touches that can make the house appear a little more inviting.

Create spaciousness

Use every trick in the book to make the home feel spacious. You'd be surprised how some small adjustments to furniture positioning can suddenly make a room seem bigger than it did before. Also, reduce any clutter; find objects that are just lying around without serving any particular purpose and move them into storage.


Your family photos may hold some fond memories for you, but you're going to have to pack them all away for the viewing. No one wants to see someone else's life in their future home; they want to be able to project their own experiences and tastes onto the property.

Also be sure to decorate with neutral colours; what seems like a good colour choice to you may put someone else off their dinner. You want the prospective buyer to be able to see their own vision for their future home in their mind's eye.

Turn on all the lights

It may sound like an unnecessary use of electricity, but suggest turning on all the lights during a viewing to bring some atmosphere to the viewing.

New linen

Any linen that can be replaced at an affordable price should be replaced. New duvets, sheets, pillows and cushions will make the home feel less lived in.

Focus on the big picture

Remember that whatever extra costs you incur from an elaborate home staging will be worth it in the long run, as you can significantly speed up the process of selling your home, and may even attract interested buyers at a rate that will allow you to push up your asking price. If you need any professional advice on home staging and the home selling process, don't hesitate to contact the experts at Tepilo.

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