Why you should check how your agent is marketing your home

You can rest reassured that Tepilo will market your property on both Rightmove AND Zoopla. Why is this even worth mentioning? Well, incredibly, a number of estate agents are actually dropping either Rightmove or Zoopla as a place to advertise their properties in an outrageous move that speaks volumes about what they think of their customers and the people looking to buy their homes.

You see, between them, Rightmove and Zoopla cover 97% of all properties for sale in the UK. And as you’d expect, it’s also where most buyers start their search. So you would be crazy not to want to make sure that your property is advertised on both of them. However, to reduce the amounts they pay to these portals and in an attempt to prevent online agents such as Tepilo continuing to grow at a pace, some agents have got together and created an exclusive club.

It’s called “OnTheMarket” and a condition of membership is that you have to drop either Rightmove or Zoopla. The result is that participating agents will be replacing a portal that millions of people search on, with one that virtually nobody has heard of and therefore won’t visit. It also operates a blanket ban on any online estate agents such as Tepilo. In our opinion, it is nothing short of a cynical ploy to protect their own status quo at the expense of home buyers and sellers in the UK.

At Tepilo, not only do we think people should have a choice, we also think that the industry needs to wake up and start putting the customer first. That’s why we’re constantly innovating to design our service around our customers, including 24/7 customer support and smart systems that allow you to track your sale and respond instantly to offers. And central to our belief is that we need to promote our customers’ properties on the biggest (and yes, most expensive) portals – because, after all, that’s where the buyers are.

Some other agents think that if they can cut their marketing costs without their customers noticing then they’ll be quids in. But these agents must think their customers are stupid if they don’t believe that at some point they’ll realise they’ve been duped. At Tepilo our focus is the opposite: investing in our platform and where we market our vendors’ properties.

For more information, read this article from The Guardian (and the reader comments):