Top pet-friendly London boroughs

When it’s time to move house again, you ideally want to find something suitable for the whole family - pets included. There are some universal considerations, for example, whether the yard is big enough or if there are tiled areas for the dogs to sleep inside in winter without damaging the flooring. That said, if you really want to enjoy the outdoors with your furry friends, you will also choose your location based on whether there are plenty of places to get out of the house with your pooch. Here is our pick of the top pet-friendly London boroughs of the week:

Notting Hill and Kensington

Kensington boasts the iconic Kensington Gardens, of course, which provides some opportunity for letting your dogs off the lead (except around some of the ponds, fountains and flower beds). The broad avenues of beautiful trees and carefully manicured lawns and gardens are the perfect setting to breathe in some fresh air while your pooches run around and let off some steam. The day’s entertainment doesn’t have to end there; the nearby Commander Porterhouse and Oyster Bar is both dog-friendly and accommodating to moms and babies, with a crèche on offer during the weekend. Property in Notting Hill and Kensington comes at a premium and the yards may take the form of a patio or terrace, but if you’re the type who likes to be at the hub of activity and near the green belt, this area will work well for you and your pooch.


If your heartbeat quickens at the thought of picking out rare vinyl records and browsing through alternative fashions, and you want a place for your alternative best friend to call home too, Camden’s your answer. Not only is Camden Town a little way from Hampstead Heath, but there are also a host of dog-friendly pubs and restaurant close by.

London Dog Forum calls Hampstead Heath, “The doyenne of all dog walks…and the Holy Grail for hounds,” and they’re not far off. This is the wild side of London park life with a designated dog pond for brave souls to dip their paws into and an absolute wealth of flora and fauna, including many ancient trees and local bird species. The glades, meadows and woodlands offer ample space to play catch and to ‘let their fur down’. Their is also plenty to engage their keen sense of smell with over 300 species of fungi tucked away in the woodland and countless species of ferns and flowering plants to sniff around.

Some of the top dog-friendly pubs in the area include the Spaniards Inn, the Holly Bush, the King William IV & the Bull and Last. The latter boast on their website that they “can even provide marrow bones and pig's ear for four-legged friends if they deserve a treat”. All of the pubs mentioned in any case will rustle up some treats and a fresh bowl of water upon request.

If you are buying a property, your options will be more extensive; however a rental will depend on how willing the landlord is to accommodate your loyal companion. Many London boroughs offer facilities that dogs will enjoy, so just remember as long as they have some garden space at home, a green belt for walks and caring owners, their tails will keep wagging.

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