Designing a man cave - our tips & advice

Batman and Iron Man need somewhere safe from their enemies where they can plan their next move. Your average man though, he just needs somewhere he doesn't have to do chores. Regardless of gender or age, we all need somewhere we can get away from it all; and for the man of the house, that's usually the man cave.

The “man cave” may once have been a glorified basement, but it's become a lot more than that. No longer just a simple room, the modern man cave is a space set aside for men to retreat and meditate upon the meaning of existence; or simply to play video games all day. If you're looking to create a manly haven, we have some great man cave ideas for you. But first, there are some important decisions you need to make.

Business or pleasure?

Some like their man cave to be a combination of recreation and study, allowing them a private space where they can work as well as relax. It's up to you what function your man cave will fulfill. Will it be a place for both work and play, or will it be a zone where no activity that reminds you of the world of work and responsibility is allowed? The choice you make will dictate the design of your man cave.

Choose a focus

Now you've determined the function of your man cave, it's time to design it. First you should measure the space you plan to set aside for the man cave and transfer these measurements to graph paper. You can then use this paper to map out the space and plan your man cave.

You should also pick a single object, such as a jukebox box or pool table, and make that the centrepiece of your man cave. That will dictate the design style you choose to apply throughout. A pool or poker table, for example, implies a billiard room design. On the other hand, if you choose to make a big screen TV the focus of your cave, you could convert it into a home theatre instead. Home Stratosphere has a host of interesting man cave design styles to consider.

Customise your man cave

Now it's time to think about the features you plan to include in your man cave. The list of things no man cave can do without must surely include:

  • A bar and fridge: What's the point of a man cave if you have to keep going upstairs to get alcohol? It's best to keep the beer where it's most needed.
  • Collectibles: Your prized comic book or video game collection, movie posters, sports memorabilia and so on. If you're searching for an appropriate place to stash all those precious “heirlooms”, you've finally found it.
  • Television: Naturally, no man cave would be complete without a home entertainment system. This is where you're going to host all those B-grade horror movie marathons.
  • Furnishings: You'll want plenty of seating so you can have friends around, and you'll want a really comfortable chair for yourself in particular. You're most likely going to be here awhile, so consider getting a recliner. You can take phone calls here, and grab the occasional nap.
  • Also consider hiding your man cave behind a secret entrance. There's absolutely no point to doing so, other than the satisfaction you will derive from accessing your man cave via a rotating book shelf.

Such DIY renovations can be ambitious, but worth it in the long run. If you want advice on home improvement and how such endeavours can affect the value of your home, be sure to contact us at Tepilo.

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