Keep your house light this winter with our easy tips

With winter preparing to make a comeback, our emotions might start to take a dip. Winter blues are a reality in the UK, but there are some clever ways that you can make your home a brighter place and feel the promise of summer year-round – so that you don’t feel compelled to sell your house and move to the south of Spain. Here are our top tips:

  1. Be clever with lighting: LED lights are extremely cost-effective even if you keep them on for hours. By hiding LED lights behind a recess, you can create the illusion of natural light – but opt for a warm white!
  2. Be bright with décor: Many people are a little afraid of using bold colours. Don’t be. Cream is for offices and hospitals. You don’t have to paint every room in the house a different bright colour; instead use white as a basis and then bring in some bright colours in the main living areas, such as a strip of bright green in the kitchen or a bright red wall in the living area. You will need to proceed with caution, but if done well, your bright walls will brighten your mood. If you can’t or don’t want to change the wall colour, get some new bright-coloured curtains instead.
  3. Spread out with an extension: Extensions are an extremely popular way to double your existing space. By adding an extension you can invite more light in with some French doors or a glass conservatory. This will also improve the flow of your living areas, which will create the illusion of extra space and so allow you to feel less caged in your home in winter.
  4. The skylight’s the limit: Skylights are a great way to reclaim dark rooms or basement areas for everyday living. Choose skylights that allow in a lot of natural light.
  5. Get the fire blazing: Fireplaces are often forgotten with the convenience of central heating but you can use a renewable energy source in your fireplace – wood; so why not add some more natural warmth and make a habit of lighting the fire as soon as you’re home from work? Before you know it, your family will be gathering there every evening instead of making a beeline for the telly.
  6. Freshen up with some flora: Nothing says summer’s day like a bunch of roses. Make a habit of buying fresh flowers every week instead of only doing so on Valentine’s day.
  7. Get that summer’s scent: Roomsprays offer some delightful smells that will remind you that summer will come again. Choose floral scents such as rose, jasmine or magnolia for that fresh summer scent. Alternatively, decide to embrace winter’s unique delights and get mulled wine on the stove to infuse your home with the delightful smell of rich spices.
  8. Portray summer with a portrait: If you have some extra budget this winter because you’re spending less on days out, invest in a beautiful portrait depicting a bright summer’s day in the garden, or a day at the beach. Portraits tend to draw the eye, so they’ll take your focus away from the relentless rain outside.

There is no need to wait for that week in Spain to get some warmth into your life. Focus on making every day a summer’s day with these easy tips.

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