Disposal Site Dumps 40ft Mountain of Rubbish in Street

Towering 40ft high, measuring 60ft wide and estimated to weigh up to 18,000 tons, huge mountain of stinking rubbish at the end of Cornwall Drive in Bromley, south-east London.

The Environment Agency is in a legal battle with the firm that runs a waste disposal site that has left a 40ft high and 60ft wide huge mountain of stinking rubbish at the end of Cornwall Drive in Bromley, south-east London, claiming it has not adhered to it's responsibilities to pay for the mound to be treated and sent on for disposal or recycling elsewhere.

Alan Cowburn, 74, a retired printer who has lived there since 1971, said: ‘It’s a nightmare, all the dust, the huge lorries with their reversing beepers.

‘The smell can be overpowering outside, like burnt plastic. It sometimes permeates into my house. I’ve been violently sick on occasions.

‘I’m sure we get more flies round here than we used to, and I’ve seen a few rats. I’d do anything to get rid of it.’

Nasrin Sultana, 33, an NHS administrative worker, fears for her daughter Rowzarida, three, and son Reean, eight. Nasrin said: ‘It’s really horrible, and we’re really scared when there are fires. You can’t even sit in the garden because of the smell and we keep the windows shut because of the dust.

‘About every eight weeks the children feel sick for a couple of weeks. They weren’t like that before we moved here.’

The price of a three-bedroom house in the road has now plummeted from £250,000 to £225,000.

The Environment Agency said it served notice to remove all waste from the site by June 2013 to Waste4Fuel, who claim to ‘specialise in the collection and correct disposal of waste that can be reprocessed for use in generating electricity’.

When the firm failed to act, the agency took the case to the High Court and obtained an order to make it comply by May 1 this year, but it still failed to do so.

Now the case is back in court. It was adjourned yesterday to continue next week.

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