Why you need to add (good) photos to your property listing

So many times we see listings with poor photos. Why do you think that is?

Well we think it’s probably because many homeowners are unaware just how important good photos are to sell their property – and they are extremely important.

It’s no wonder why

In the old days, before everyone had internet in their homes, the only way to get a feel for a property for sale was to actually visit it. Sure, estate agents might have had a picture or two, but a house had to have curb appeal if it wanted to make a good first impression.

These days, the first place people go when they’re looking for anything is online. This means that your best chance to make a good impression to house hunters is to upload enticing property descriptions and flattering pictures to real estate websites, online classified sites and social media platforms.

The thing to remember about online consumers is that they have the attention spans of gnats. If something doesn’t immediately catch their eye, they move on. You have six to ten seconds to grab a prospective buyer’s attention, which is why breathtaking photos are essential.

Well, maybe not breathtaking, but certainly professional-looking high-resolution photos that perfectly showcase every room in your house.

You need a professional eye

Prospective buyers are picky and won’t see your home’s charm in haphazardly shot pictures taken with a smartphone. Selling your house requires more finesse than that – it requires a professional, objective attitude and an ability to compose stylish pictures that enhance the attractions of your home while downplaying its flaws.

Tepilo know the importance of this so we don’t only send out an agent with a good camera: we send out professional photographers. In fact, they can even change a grey ski to a sunny blue one where necessary, giving the photos that real professional edge and your house a face lift without even a lick of paint.

How to take amazing photos that will help sell your house quickly


First of all you need to plan your photo shoot. Some of the questions you need to ask yourself include, what rooms you’re going to photograph, what time of the day provides the best natural light and how many photographs you need.

You also need to decide who is going to take the photos. A professional property photographer is your best bet, but if your estate agent has the equipment, the experience and the talent then you can give them artistic license. You can take the photos yourself, if you really want to, but be realistic about your skills and what you can achieve.

Set the stage

On the day of the shoot, ensure that your house is super clean and tidy. That means no wet towels hanging skew on the rack, no dirty laundry spilling over the basket, no dishes in the sink (not even clean dishes in the drying rack), no crumbs on the counter, no toys in the lounge and no pets on the sofa. Straighten all the pictures on the wall, make sure there are no wrinkles on your bed and plump up the chair cushions. Your house should look like the end result of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition – all pristine, shining, spotless and clutter-free.

Practice makes perfect

Liezl Hesketh recommends that you embark on a cycle of review and retake. This is easy with digital cameras, as you can look over the photos you’ve taken, pinpoint elements that you’re not happy with, fix them and take some more pictures. For example, after shooting the kitchen, you might notice that your bleach is still on the sink, so you can put that away, or you might see your husband’s tie hanging over the back of a chair in your bedroom.

If you need anything else and want to find out more about how we can help you further just click here.