The pros and cons of using a clicks and mortar estate agent

The pros and cons of using a clicks and mortar estate agent

Where do you look when you want to rent or buy a house? I’m sure you glance in a few newspapers and have a look in some estate agency windows in your local area but I am also confident that your search does not end there - 95% of property searches are now made online and that means you’re likely to look there too.

According to Google’s Zero Moment of Truth Handbook, “today’s shoppers bounce back and forth at their own speed in a multichannel marketplace. They switch devices to suit their needs at any given moment. They search; go off to look at reviews, ratings, styles and prices; and then search again. They see ads on TV and in newspapers and online. They walk into local stores to look at products. They talk to friends, over the back fence and on social media.” Is this true of your buying habits?

This shift in buyer mentality means that a new phrase is being coined in the UK – a Clicks and Mortar business strategy is becoming the most rounded business approach to adopt and includes having an online presence for “Clicks” (a website, social media presence and so on) as well as a high street agency (“Mortar”). In fact the shift towards having an online presence is so profound that Tepilo operates largely online, as well as using a network of Tepilo estate agents to serve our clientele locally for home visits.

Advantages of a Clicks and Mortar Estate Agency

The internet never sleeps which means a Clicks and Mortar Agency is essentially open for business around the clock. This will allow a seller to capture that potential buyer’s interest during the “moment of truth” when they make a potentially lucrative decision.

The internet is infinite whereas a high street estate agency is only of interest to people living a stone’s throw away from their front door – so if you are selling your house you can capture the interest of a potential buyer in Austria or Australia.

The internet is easy which makes marketing property online faster and easier for you – several websites are dedicated to online property listings such as Rightmove. Essentially buyers and sellers are now being connected in a millisecond through fibre optics.

Disadvantage of a Clicks and Mortar Estate Agency

The internet is a vast and busy market place – but when something is this efficient it also means any damaging information can be shared and downloaded before you can say “online estate agents”. As a potential buyer or tenant, you can use that to your advantage of course, trawling through review sites and online statistics of the areas you are interested in or the estate agency service you wish to use. However, as a seller or landlord, you face a few challenges – you need to ensure you use a trustworthy and reputable Clicks and Mortar estate agency that understands how to manage their online reputation. You also need to ensure you are marketing your property to the best of your ability by taking high quality photographs.

Tepilo is an online estate agent that understands how to leverage the internet to match the right buyer and seller or tenant and landlord. We host the negotiation process through our user friendly site - you are completely in control of how much you want to offer or accept on a property and also encourage the personal touch - using owner descriptions and a magazine-style layout, we aim to market your property to your specifications.

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