9 Reasons why your home isn’t selling

Selling a home isn’t simple; it involves time, preparation, patience and some valuable advice along the way. There are plenty of reasons why buyers choose not to go through with a purchase; here are some reasons to what could be holding you back.

1. First impressions matter

Buyers form their impressions within seconds of seeing the property. Greet them with freshly planted flowers and a newly painted door so it looks inviting, don’t let overgrown weeds, bushes and a messy pathway lose you a sale.

2. The Price

Pricing could turn a potential buyer off or it could bring in lots of interest, running the risk of overpricing your property will drive buyers away, be realistic ensure you research thoroughly comparing properties for sale in the surrounding areas. Pricing your property lower could result in more offers, enabling your price to get up to market value.

3. The right estate agent

Are you with the right estate agent? Don’t just get a quote from one estate agent get several. If they’ve valuated your house at a higher price than expected, don’t be fooled and choose them straight away. Make sure they’re producing the best quality marketing to really sell your house, they must be organised and have shown evidence of previous sold houses similar to your own. Ensure they work on weekends too, you’ll be surprised at how many only work weekdays which could cause you to loose viewings.

4. Leaving everything up to the estate agent

You play a vital part in selling your house too! Don’t leave everything up to estate agents. Here’s a few things will really help sway a buyer such as:

  • Newly decorated walls, remembering to keep it neutral.
  • Emphasis on natural light.
  • Less clutter, more space.
  • Show use of parking space.

5. Advertising it properly

You don’t have to be a professional photographer, but poorly shot photos could give buyers an underwhelming perspective of your home. Little things like setting the dining table before taking a picture just really sets the scene, always remember to show as much space as possible when taking pictures.

6. Location

Your location could put off a buyer, but prove them wrong. Check what’s around the surrounding area. Things like train stations, schools, shops, and the nearest town centres are all sellable features, so prove it is a great location to live in.

7. Fix it

Before even putting your house on the market, you should have fixed all the problems such as leaking taps, stained carpets, etc. If you haven’t its vital you get these sorted. If a buyer see’s anything that’s broken or unfinished it will give off the wrong message. A buyer doesn’t want to move in knowing they have to deal with further work, you need to make the process as simple as possible.

8. Aromas

Are you a smoker? Do you have a pet? If so they could be creating odours that you haven’t noticed. Eliminate any bad smells before a potential viewer is scheduled, you don’t want to leave them with a bad impression.

9. Emotionally attached

You may not be ready to move on, some homeowners do get extremely attached to a family home or they may be anxious to take the next step in their life. Really decide if this is want you want, you may be doing something subconsciously to prevent the sale.