Tepilo in At Home Magazine - Child's Play

Child’s play

You can always count on children to give their honest opinion and that’s why online estate agent, Tepilo.com has created a section specifically for kids to describe their home – which their parents have put up for sale.

This issue’s guest editor and co-founder of Tepilo, Sarah Beeny, says: ‘We thought adding a section where potential buyers can see how the previous owner’s kids view the property would give the listing such an honest and warming feel. Reviews from offspring who grew up there may give potential buyers the trust, and therefore the kick they need to make the deal.’

The new section also allows the homeowners to upload their children’s handmade drawings! Tepilo has already received one addition in the form of nine -year-old Holly Phillips from Cardiff. With an adorable sketch of the family home, Holly added: ‘I think you should buy the house because:

  1. If you need the loo and someone’s in it, there are two more to choose from
  2. The lounge is full of warmth and cosiness
  3. The kitchen is big enough for a humungous family
  4. There is a big hall that you can put all your junk

Buy it now!’


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