Shower Kits – What You Need

I am sure if you spoke to family and friends – and most pointedly, my wife – they would tell you that I am very stubborn. To the point of obtuseness, in fact. The thing is, they don’t tend to see the delineation of my forthrightness, in that I am very much stuck on things that I know something about. Ask me about knitting, or hockey, for instance, and I can be as meek as you can imagine.

Now, due to professional experience, I have developed some knowledge of the interiors space, and after numerous shows, seminars, lectures and technical packs, I feel somewhat comfortable, enough I’d say to expatiate on the merits of that unit or this tap. I am especially at home in the bathroom, so to speak, having worked for a number of companies in that industry way back when.

As such, I know bathroom showers are absolutely essential these days. Unless the dimensions of your room or your budget is completely constrained, a modern bathroom simply must have a shower. Following this train of thought, if you must have a shower, I insist you get a shower kit, as they represent the very best value and reduce hassle immeasurably.


If your system and budget allows, you should really be going thermostatic here. This is simply because it provides so much more usability. This could be a personal bugbear, but I used to LOATHE having to balance up the hot and cold taps myself to get the right temperature, not to mention having it snatched away from me as someone goes to wash up downstairs as soon as I step into the cubicle. Furthermore, there are stylistic considerations to think about, as to whether you go for a concealed or exposed valve. This is more down to personal taste, however.


This is one way of getting the shower you want. Power showers, for instance, will require a certain amount of pressure to guarantee the proper level of performance. Simply install one of these relatively inexpensive, specialist pumps and your system will magically be brought up to snuff.


Pretty hard to forget this, I suppose, but there has been an explosion in terms of the looks of shower heads. Of course there are the standard round and square looks, but now added extras such as LEDs and waterfall heads make for a healthy variation. It’s interesting to note that plastic heads these days, due to advanced manufacturing methods, are now a stylish option that can last as long as some metallic heads.

Arms & Rails & Accessories

These are the odds and sods that still remain essential, the kind of standard things like your shower riser rail and/or shower arm, as without these your shower head will be sat in the bottom of your bath or enclosure squirting aimlessly. Included here would be other things like additional body jets, too, to increase the luxury factor of your shower.