Bathroom Showers – Why You Should Go Thermostatic

My mum hails from the gloriously open, down to earth region of Yorkshire. Now, just in case she sees this, I’m not saying she’s getting on in years, but she still tells me all about the tin bath kept beneath the kitchen table that was dragged out and filled for the weekly bath.

When I evinced horror at this, she was sanguine, almost sentimental about it. I’ve got to be honest, I’d be less enthused about having to clamber into an overgrown mixing bowl to get ready of a morning…

No, I’m a shower man, for a number of reasons. The idea of a bathroom without a shower now is enough to make the room a misnomer, budget and space constraints considered. A shower is not just a winner due to convenience either, as it saves waters vis-a-vis baths, and is also a luxurious experience in itself, especially when you consider additional body jets and designer shower heads.

One of my frustrations is that some people still go with the tried and tested, though rudimentary, mixer taps and valves. I believe these have a clutch of design and usage drawbacks.

I fully understand that the type of shower you can have in your home is often dictated by the construction and capabilities of your water system. The absolute crux of this piece however, boiled down, is that thermostatic showers offer superlative usability as compared to standard setups.

For me, the main thing – and this could well seem a little peevish - is that a thermostatic valve will provide you with a stream of water, of the right temperature, that will remain uninterrupted. This obviates the need for that early-morning dance of having to frustratingly adjust your taps to find the correct balance between scalding and frigid water!

Hot water is of course always a safety issue, and the very best quality thermostatic valves address this problem. The designers of top level thermostatic units have made room for specialist safety mechanisms to be fitted. Perhaps the most prominent among these is a tool that prevents water exceeding 38 degrees (Celsius) from leaving the valve and making its way to the shower head and thence to you or your family.

As these thermostatic bathroom showers are of such a quality, you will get a pleasant surprise from whatever stockist you go to. As they can trust the longevity and class of their units, you will be furnished with guarantees of significant length. It’s not completely unknown for warranties of a decade or more to be handed over, completely free of charge. This does not just equate to significant peace of mind, but also leaves pennies in your pocket as you will not have to worry about any costly repairs or replacements for a seriously long time. Not bad, eh?

Granted, a thermostatic mixer shower will represent a costlier initial outlay, but only marginally. What you should keep in mind is that this will be given back to you over the years via superior usability and warranties that stretch to and over the horizon. Trust me on this, it makes sense.

This is a guest blog from Bath Empire.