Everything you Need to Know about Bathrooms

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What do we expect from a bathroom?

Bathrooms are now expected to be simple, well-designed, luxurious and calm – and plentiful...

Bathrooms, chic, luxurious and in plentiful supply, are a modern day phenomenon. A century or so ago, loos were outside closets and the weekly bath in the average Victorian terrace was taken in a tin tub in front of the kitchen range. In 1951, 40 per cent of houses in Britain had no fixed bath and even in 1963 Harold Wilson was lamenting that 15 million Britons lived in homes without a plumbed-in bath. Now in that same Victorian terraced house there will be at least one bathroom and if you don't bathe once or even twice a day, people consider you to be positively unclean.

We've come a long way. Bathrooms are now expected to be simple, well-designed, luxurious and calm - and plentiful. No longer can a five bedroomed house have a single bathroom. Luxury developments come with an en suite for every bedroom and, in future, I suspect this will be pretty commonplace for all new homes. But think carefully before you pinch space from bedrooms or hallways to create small en suites. Houses are all about balance, and I believe that a good working ratio for how we live today is at least one bathroom for three bedrooms, with a second loo as backup. If you've got space, you would also ideally create an en suite for the master bedroom.

The bathroom is the one room in the house which can afford to give up light and space, so small, windowless bathrooms are a reasonable compromise. Although, even in the tiniest space, you can create a well designed and relaxing sanctuary from the stresses of the day. We spend a lot on our bathrooms - more than £1 billion a year on fittings and fixtures - but think twice before buying the very latest trendsetting bath or spa unit unless you have a very top-end development. Instead, go for a look of simple luxury.