What is the process of buying a home?

Read our blog post to understand the process of buying a home - everything you need to know.

Our step-by-step guide to buying a home

Follow these steps to make the process as seamless as possible...

  1. MONEY - how much can you afford? To avoid disappointment I would suggest you see a mortgage broker before you start looking for a property to ensure that you are able to get the borrowing you would like.
  2. SEARCH for suitable properties available in the area you want to move to.
  3. ASK QUESTIONS if you find a property you like the look of. Ask relevant questions whilst viewing (see things to ask when viewing). We would suggest that you then continue to communicate through the site as we have designed it especially to make it easy to communicate without getting too personally involved.  It also means that you have a history of all your conversations easily accessible in one place.
  4. MAKE AN OFFER - we would advise you do this through Tepilo, as we have designed a special section to ease this negotiation process and give you advice along the way.
  5. ACCEPTANCE - once your offer has been accepted the site will help guide you to swap solicitors' details and give you advice about the next steps
  6. INSTRUCT YOUR SOLICITOR and ask them to check that the seller's solicitors have also been instructed.
  7. VALUATION/SURVEY  - contact your mortgage provider and book in a valuation/survey.  Once you have a date for the survey, check the seller is happy to meet the surveyor for access into the property.
  8. PAPERWORK - check your solicitor has applied for all the searches required by your mortgage company and that they have received sellers information from their solicitor.
  9. MORTGAGE OFFER - chase your mortgage company to check when the mortgage offer is likely to come, let the seller know this date.
  10. DEPOSIT MONIES - send your solicitor your deposit monies if there is not a related sale that means they are holding funds for exchange.
  11. **EXCHANGE - **once everyone is ready, your solicitors will exchange contracts.  At this point you are legally bound to buy the property.
  12. BETWEEN EXCHANGE AND COMPLETION - contact the utility companies of the property you are moving out of, as well as the for the new property you are moving into.
  13. COMPLETION of contracts - this will be carried out by your solicitors who will let you know when you can arrive at the property to collect keys.


BE PROACTIVE AND KEEP CHASING - If things change it's best to keep everyone up-to-date. Deals tend to fall apart when people are kept in the dark and have no idea what is going on.