What to look at when viewing a property?

Read on for our advice on what to look for when viewing a property.

What to look out for when viewing a property

Thinking of buying a new property? Here are some of the top things you should consider when viewing a potential new home.

  • Roof - stand back and see if there are any slates or tiles missing or slipping from the roof - look at the flashing (the lead/cement fillet that seals where the roof meets any vertical walls)
  • Signs of movement - whilst signs of movement may be historic and add to the charm, it is movement that is ongoing that tends to be of more concern. You should be able to line up the vertical and horizontal lines of the exterior i.e. window headers, end (flank) walls, pointing lines etc, and these will tell you if there has been movement. Don't panic though as most of our housing stock was built with relatively inadequate foundations and will have moved around a bit over the years.
  • Trust your instincts - do you like the house? - if you get a good feel then it is probably the right one for you - if you get a bad feel then walk away.
  • Check out the hot water system - if the property has more than one or two bathrooms it should have a more powerful system than a combination boiler - if you are a big shower fan - turn the shower on and check the pressure.
  • Look around at the neighbours  - there may there be specific noise at times of the day i.e. a school - many are not bothered by childrens laughter (and of course if you have children its likely to be in the catchment area!) but if you do mind then steer away.