Our Tips & Advice on Choosing a Shower

Read our blog post for our advice on showers - everything you need to know.

Our tips & advice on showers

Personally, I hate showers - in fact, if I was prime minister I'd probably make the things illegal...

However, I accept that most people find that the shower is the perfect way to kickstart the day - so in a house that you're going to sell they are a necessary evil! Shower enclosure design is becoming simpler, less cluttered and easier to keep clean, with walk-in options, curved glass panels and low-level trays. As a result, you can make a great design statement with a shower.

Shower areas are usually tight on space, therefore you want to make use of every millimetre you've got. Many enclosures come in flexible sizes from 700mm to 1200mm or more, with offset doors so you can slot them into corners. Even curved enclosures come with sliding or hinged doors. Walk-in showers, with a ‘dry' area at one end where you can hang towels and robes, are another option, although they take up almost as much room as a bath. If you're lucky enough to have the space, minimalist walk-in glass panels supported by overhead wall braces are very appealing to the luxury end of the market.