Our Tips on Showerheads, Fittings and Ventilation

In this blog post we discuss showerheads, fittings and ventilation. Read on for our tips and advice.

Our guide to showerheads, fittings and ventilation

Showerheads and fittings

Do you need a hydro-massage column or all-over body jets in your shower, or will a simple fixed-head attachment do? The only must for a luxurious-feeling bathroom is a high-level showerhead. That doesn't necessarily mean a fixed overhead shower. They look fantastic but can be difficult to live with as getting your hair wet is unavoidable, and it's hard to clean out the shower enclosure afterwards. If you go for a fixed overhead, even a flexible one, I'd suggest installing a handset shower as well.


Showers, and especially power showers, produce massive quantities of steam so getting the ventilation right is crucial to keeping your shower room looking good. Go for the biggest and most effective option you can afford. Extractor fans can be sited through an external wall or through a duct at a high level in the room. For maximum effect, the fan should be placed at the other side of the room from the main air source.