A Complete Guide to the Loo

In this blog post we discuss the best toilets for your home. Read on for our tips and advice

Our guide to choosing the best loo 


Toilet, loo, lavatory, dunny, ladies' room, bog, WC, or whatever you call it, in a family house, a ground-floor loo is essential. Yet it is often a dark, damp, depressing little space - the room that time forgot. I think downstairs loos need jollying up. Have a bit of a laugh with it. If you've got some outrageous wallpaper or a wild paint colour mulling around your head, try it out. As ever, make it luxurious by getting the pipework out of sight, then think about creating a welcoming space that makes people smile inside.

The Best Loos

The Victorians built many of our sewage systems; they really embraced the loo and had fabulous ones, with big, luxuriously comfy wooden seats that aren't cold to the touch. If you've got a small room, there are great space-saving loos which slot into corners, and many manufacturers have cloakroom ranges with sized-down hand basins and taps to match.

Wall-hung pans look neat and discreet, and self-closing seats are a good idea. The high-tech Japanese even have a bidet-cum-loo which squirts water ‘where you need it' and then blow-dries you too - although this may be a little scary for most Brits.