Our Advice on Kitchen Extensions

In this blog post we discuss kitchen extensions. Read on for our tips and advice

Our guide to kitchen extensions

It is a fallacy that every kitchen is worth extending.  If it eats up your garden, disrupts the balance of your house or looks like a badly-constructed carbuncle, you may knock thousands off the value of your home and make it harder to sell in the current marketplace.

However, when there are young children around, preparing, feeding and cleaning up after families takes up much of the day. Even with older children, time is often so short that preparation of a meal is frequently done in conjunction with eating it. So most families love eating in the kitchen, and the prirority if you're selling a family house is to have a kitchen/breakfast room large enough for a good table and chairs. If it isn't, think about extending sideways or into the garden, or lose another room - usually the old 'back' dining room in Victorian houses - to increase the square footage.