Our guide to front doors and house numbers

In this blog post we discuss front doors and house numbers. Read on for our tips and advice.

Our guide to front doors and house numbers

Front Doors

The front door is a great place to make a big statement. Bear in mind it's the only part of the house that people will stand and stare at very close up for several minutes at a time, so quality and finish are important. A badly painted front door with badly fitted door furniture is always a false economy. It smacks of a lack of attention to detail likely to be reflected inside. A nice, solid door is not only substantial but also better for security reasons and a reflection of what's to come inside. Never skimp on the quality of door furniture - but don't overdo it with knobs, knockers, bells and numbers all over the door. You're better off having fewer, goodquality pieces of door furniture. A simple but good-quality letterbox and bell gives a strong, positive impression. The paint colour you choose will depend on the style of your house and street, but be imaginative. Don't go for boring conformity. The front door is one area you can go to town on.

House Numbers

There are all sorts of weird and wonderful ways to display the name or number of your house but it's best to make it really clear if you want your post and deliveries to stand the best chance of arriving.