Our advice on equity release mortgages

Read our blog post for our advice on equity release mortgages - everything you need to know.

Our advice on equity release mortgages

A More Comfortable Retirement?

Equity Release mortgages can be an effective option for the over 55’s who need to release equity from their property.

The UK Equity Release market and the variety of plans available to clients are growing and the number of individuals reaching retirement is rising. This steadily increasing group are finding that their savings and pension provision may prove inadequate to satisfy their retirement dreams and in some cases their needs.

The value of your home minus any outstanding mortgage can be described as your equity and is an asset which is available to enhance retirement lifestyle without having to move home. An Equity Release mortgage enables you to release a lump sum and/or take smaller payments secured against your property; there are no repayments due until the property is sold and you continue to own 100% of your home thereby benefiting fully from any future increase in your property value. In addition to your main residence it is also possible to use an Equity Release mortgage to release funds from a property used for a holiday let, buy to let or a second home.

Recent years have seen vast improvements to the Lifetime Mortgages available and all are fully regulated by the Financial Services Authority. Equus only uses lenders which guarantee that you can never pass on negative equity in your estate; a plan can be portable to a new home in the future. There are now plans available which can be repaid at any time without penalty and are therefore ideal as a temporary solution to raising the required capital.

Equity Release mortgages can assist a variety of people aged over 55 who are struggling in retirement, or simply wish to maintain the lifestyle they previously enjoyed.

Funds released may be used for: Property repairs/home improvements, house purchase, meeting daily needs; personal care or healthcare, increasing retirement income, providing financial support to family, inheritance tax planning.

The interest rate payable is fixed at outset for the lifetime of the mortgage and rolls up throughout the term. The interest is added to the original loan amount and any further funds taken when the mortgage is repaid on sale of the property, on death or when the last survivor moves into long term care.

Points to consider

  • You should be aware that downsizing to a cheaper property could be an alternative solution to Equity Release. 
  • Are there any other assets which could be realised to release the required funds? 
  • An Equity Release mortgage may reduce the size of your estate and therefore the amount available to pass onto your beneficiaries. Funds made available to you by Equity Release could affect your entitlement to means tested state benefits 

Deciding whether to release equity from your home is a big decision which should be considered carefully and only undertaken when you fully understand the implications of any choice made.Therefore independent advice from an Equity Release specialist is vital.This is a lifetime mortgage. To understand the features and risks, ask for a personalised illustration.


With thanks to Equus and the Listed Property Owners Club.

Equus is authorised to advise on Equity Release mortgages and offers quality specialist independant advice in this area of financial planning. For more information on Equity Release mortgages please contact: Emily Cadmore [email protected] ,0207 665 8560

Your no obligation initial consultation is free of charge. A £400 application fee is payable to Equus if you proceed with an application. The lender will pay Equus a maximum fee of 3% of the advance on completion. A further completion fee will apply if the fee received from the lender is less than £2,200; if applicable, the additional fee will be disclosed prior to application.

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