How to dress the outside of your house

Read our blog post for our advice on dressing the outside of your house - everything you need to know.

How to dress the outside of your house

Dressing the outside of your house appropriately is as important as what lies within. It is true that buyers decide very quickly whether they like a property or not, so it is very important to give a off a good first impression. It need not take a great deal of money, just picking up the litter is a good start, follow that with a bit of weeding and planting or a lick of paint to a tired door and you will be well on your way.   

Beware of central pivoting rooflights if you like sleeping in the dark. Blinds fit the window not the frame, and let in light as soon as you soon as you open the window. As attic spaces get extremely hot in the summer, this is a major design flaw. Fit a top-hinge rooflight instead.

Renovate rather than replace sash windows whenever you can. There are two-part fillers that can be used to rebuild rotten areas, or these rotten areas can be cut out and new wood scarfed into place.

Door entry buzzer panels look neat and unobtrusive fitted flush with the stonework.

Hide white plastic meter boxes if you can. Brown or faux-brick ones blend in with brick walls. They can also be hidden with a timber-board cover, or in some cases semi-buried. Failing that, conceal with planting.

If clay or slate roof tiles are missing, try to match them with reclaimed ones. If you can't find an exact match, take tiles from a hidden part of the roof to fill the gap, then lay the closest match tiles in the hidden spot.

Don't be afraid of colour on the outside of your house. Cream is not necessarily going to make it appealing - be a bit daring, but always consider the other properties in the street that your house stands next to.