A Guide to Designer Bathtubs and Victorian Rolltops

Read our blog post for our advice on designer bathtubs and Victorian rolltops.

Designer Bathtubs vs Victorian Rolltops

Remember, designer bathtubs come with a caveat. Many are not actually that practical...

Designer Bathtubs

When budget allows, consider using a statement bathtub such as a free-standing spoon bath, wood or glass tub. But remember, designer bathtubs come with a caveat. Many are not actually that practical.

Some have straight sides and a flat bottom, like a swimming pool, so you can't lie down in them. Or they're extravagantly curved and take up acres of space. They're great fun when you want a luxury hotel environment, but think carefully before fitting one. It's unlikely to add as much value as it costs, so it's only worth it if you'll get sufficient enjoyment from it yourself while you're there.

Victorian Roll-Tops

Roll-top baths can look gorgeous - which is why we all love the Flake adverts - but they're not tremendously easy to live with on a daily basis. There's nowhere to put your soap, shampoo, flannel and other bath essentials apart from plonking them on a table beside the bath, or using an old-fashioned bath rack across your knees. One solution is to build a little hole or shelf in the wall beside the bath, where you can store your bottles out of the way but within easy arm's reach for when you're dripping wet and reaching for the soap or shampoo.