Advice to increase natural light in the home

Read our blog post for our advice on borrowing light - everything you need to know.

Advice on how to increase natural light in the home

Before you redo your lighting, think about ways to steal as much natural light as you can from other sources...

Put fanlights over doors, glass panels in doors, or build glazed walls to throw light into a dark central space. In basements or living rooms, pinch light from the floors above through lightwells or sandblasted glass panels in the ceiling, or put in sun tunnels, ducted tunnels with mirrors to bounce light into a room (the shorter the tunnel with fewer bends, the brighter the light). But be aware that this is natural light and you will also need to shut it off, especially in bedrooms (moonlight shining through a sun tunnel can be extremely bright). Shutters, curtains or blinds will do the trick.