Make the Most of your Bathroom with our Top Design Tips

The key to designing a bathroom is to keep it clean and simple. Read on for our interior design tips!

Bathroom design - our tips and advice

Make a scale drawing of the room and play around with the various positions of the bath, shower, loo and basin. Beware of non-matching sanitaryware because, even if all the fittings are white, the shades can vary dramatically. While they can be impractical, corner and offset baths can sometimes make good use of space and remember you can choose where to position taps.

In a room too small for a separate shower, you can still create a good showering experience by fitting a good quality shower door to the bath. Ideally, every bath needs a bath/shower mixer with a hose attachment to clean it and for washing hair.

I'd be wary of substituting a shower for a bath in a one-bathroom property, though stand-alone shower rooms work well as a second bathroom option.

A bathroom is one area where you can really release your design dreams but, if  you're planning on ever selling, the key is in the execution. A poor finish will always let you down. Sleek, modern fittings can work well even in a feature-filled Victorian or Edwardian house. The main family bathroom has different requirements from secondary bathrooms. It needs practicality and space above all else.

Coloured  bathroom suites were popular a few decades ago, and I'll put money on it that they'll be right back before we know it, though perhaps not quite yet. Other colours used in bathrooms have to work with the colour of the sanitaryware - natural tones and natural materials such as stone, slate, marble and wood will tend to stand the test of fashion time.