Modernising your Bathroom & Minimising Costs

Your Guide to a Bargain Bathroom Renovation! When renovating or redecorating your home, costs and budget worries can quickly become a real headache. With so many options for each variable element in your home, it can be difficult to make decisions and get results that you are truly happy with without going over your initial spending limit.

Furnishing family rooms and bedrooms will largely boil down to choices in décor and furnishings. The bathroom, on the other hand can throw up some more difficult questions. How to balance style and practicality? How to make sure that your new bathroom doesn’t descend into an unloved and cluttered state once it has been updated? And how to make sure that this one room doesn’t eat up your entire budget?

Fortunately, the answer to these questions can be reduced to one simple solution. In recent years the predominant trend in bathroom décor has been for a sparse, minimalist look. Nothing included that wasn’t essential, and an absence of personality and character. One of the keys problems presented by this fashion was that all the essential toiletries, cosmetics and cleaning products that can be found in bathrooms up and down the land had nowhere to be stored. All those mismatched and multi-coloured bottles and packets had to go somewhere, and would usually result in bathrooms that looked messy, cluttered and unplanned.

Well bathroom designers have responded to this impractical fashion, and as such bathroom furniture is now enjoying a huge resurgence in popularity. There are now hundreds of different storage solutions encompassing all manner of style, dimensions, finishes and most importantly, budget.

As a way to clear your bathroom surface areas of the usual accumulated paraphernalia, fitted furniture is a wonderful solution. A fitted vanity unit beneath you basin can hold plenty of your daily essentials, keeping them within easy reach, but stowed discreetly out of sight. A basin vanity unit will also help to conceal the plumbing and pipes connecting your basin, so that even with the introduction of a fitted unit, your bathroom can retain a streamlined appearance.

Replacing your bathroom mirror with a mirrored wall-mounted cabinet is another trick of the trade. Without intruding into the room, a mirrored cabinet with internal shelving is a great way to separate your cosmetics by category. Individual shelves or each bathroom user can also help to keep things calm and organised.

Another great benefit of the recent proliferation of bathroom furniture has been the multitude of finishes that have become available. All shades of natural wood finishes, to coloured lacquers and even metallic cabinets for the more daring among us. Cabinets with a natural wooden finish, especially darker shades such as walnut and wenge, will lend your bathroom an atmosphere of rich solidity and character, and can be found at easily affordable prices.

By installing a few carefully selected pieces of bathroom furniture, you will be able to overcome the problems of storage and organisation, create a modern style statement and then allow yourself to rest the rest of the room basic and subtle. And this can all be achieved for very little outlay after researching and planning for the bathroom you deserve.