Top 5 interior tips to make your home sellable on a viewing day.

With the current economic crisis it can certainly prove to be difficult to sell your home with ease especially with market fluctuation. Many homeowners choose to extend their property or renovate which can add to the sale price. Waiting on the housing market to stabilise is a big gamble and it can often be a now or never decision. Many homes can go on the market for month’s even years without a sale and by following these simple tips and cheats your success rate will stand a greater chance


Create Light and Space

Open curtains and blinds and let in as much light as you can. Sunlight helps to broaden out space making rooms look bigger and more inviting. Create the perception of space by using white or very light colour hues


Make It Simple, Get Rid of Clutter

Minimalism is a good perspective to keep at the front of your mind. Put yourself in the shoes of prospective buyers. Would they want to walk into a clutter filled room? Potential buyers think of each room as a blank canvas or a simple box and by keeping that psychological process as simple as possible you can reap the positive benefits. Cater for your target market!


Keep It Clean

There is nothing worse than walking around an unclean and unkempt home. A thorough deep clean will see to all the dust and grime whilst carpet cleaning solutions, grouting tiles and a quick lick of paint will cover up any minor problems. The addition of strategically placed flowers is popular in creating a sense of atmosphere. Pay most attention to damp rooms and windows and this is where most dirt is likely to build up. Don’t forget that the garden is seen as an extra room so make sure to spend a day adding extra bedding plants and making the outdoor space an inviting area.


Simple Home Improvements

Simple DIY tasks such as fixing a faulty tap and replacing a broken curtain pole can be highly effective. Adding new curtains, cushions and rugs will create a warm and welcoming feel whilst showing that the property is cared for. Fitting in a whole new kitchen is perhaps a little extreme so only improve if you think it is necessary and depending on whether it will add to the property price.


Create Drive-Up Appeal

It’s not just the interior that needs to look spotless. Potential buyers tend to drive up to the house and judge it from the outside before enquiring regarding a viewing. First impressions are lasting so make sure you create a tidy centre piece to the exterior.


This post was written by Matthew Langham who is a UK based blogger that enjoys guest posting on property and home improvement blogs and is writing on behalf of Poles Direct, a curtain poles and window furnishings supplier.